What's Your Home Worth?


Welcome to a fresh new way of dealing with a real estate agency.
The Property Negotiators has been created as a true “Boutique” agency.
By Boutique we don’t just mean small, but dealing with fewer clients and providing a much higher lever of interaction and service.

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Hi I'm Keith Miller

After 10 years in real estate, I have realised that being a boutique real estate agency isn’t just about being small and promising better service, most real estate offices are small but certainly not boutique, until now!

Welcome to the Property Negotiators.

With an industry first, we have taken the boutique real estate office to the next level. Our business plan revolves around one thing, work with fewer clients, Yes! Fewer clients, which is unheard of in real estate.

Each of our agents strictly works with a maximum of 3 new clients per month, no exceptions.

Working with fewer clients allows us spend more time with you and on your property. It also allows us an opportunity to spend more time with your buyer to exhaust every possible opportunity.

Working with fewer clients allows us to be extremely reactive and responsive. If something is not working we can immediately identify and take the appropriate action to get back on course.

We tailor every marketing package to suit your property and budget; we don’t aim to promote ourselves. You and your property are the number 1 priority.